Comfortable marquees for all to enjoy.

Thinking about a marquee but concerned that you and your guests will be too cold? At Time Marquees we supply heating and cooling systems, so no matter what time of year it is your guests will enjoy the event. Each system has its own thermostat to keep the temperature at optimum level to keep everyone comfortable. The systems have enough fuel to last up to 12 hours; if your event is on for longer extra fuel is available for purchase.

With over 20 years of experience we can work out which size heating and cooling system you will require for your event. Our systems are available to hire throughout the Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey areas.

The power behind your event.

Most events will require some form of power distribution for lighting, heating, cooling and other marquee furniture and accessories. We have a team of qualified electrical engineers to supply distribution from a building or if required, a generator to comply with strict electrical regulations.

If you do require a generator for your event we can hire 5kva to 250kva silent generators.